Geocentric Environmental Inc. recently announced the sale of CSM 3D Vis™, the new innovative and affordable 3D Conceptual Site Model (CSM) software program focusing on contaminated sites, mining sites and natural environments. 3D CSM builder is a powerful visual aid, data evaluation and communication tool to help share technical information and tell a story. CSM 3D Vis™ offers a solution for creating immersive and accurate representations of sites, transforming the way professionals visualize, communicate and plan projects.

CSM 3D Vis™ was designed to create interactive, fully rotating 3D CSMs with an intuitive user interface requiring minimal user training, making it accessible to both seasoned experts and newcomers in the field. Conceptual Site Models are integral to the evaluation and presentation of contaminated site impacts, remedial/action planning, mine site layouts and permitting, Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EA) reporting. CSM 3D Vis™ enhances your collaboration and sharing capabilities, allowing you to present your ideas and concepts with your team on-line, with clients, or as part of your reports or presentations.

The company is offering new users a chance to experience this innovative software platform CSM 3D Vis™ for an introductory price of $699 CAD with a 30-day trial period.   You can also purchase CSM 3D Vis™ via the company’s secure website links. To purchase, please go to and click on CSM 3D Vis™ on the home page.  

Questions about the product should be directed to [email protected].  to let us show you how this innovative software can transform the way you develop CSMs, receive additional information or to ask any questions you may have. We can also provide training and support and customize assets to meet your specific needs!

You can visit the Geocentric Environmental Inc. demonstration video to learn more about CSM 3D Vis™, explore its features and functions.