CHAR Technologies Ltd. (the “Corporation“) (TSX VENTURE:YES) recently announced that it had received delivery of equipment used to produce SulfaCHAR. The equipment arrived in London, Ontario recently. The arrival of the equipment signifies the commencement of milestone 2 of the Corporation’s SD Natural Gas Fund (supported by Sustainable Development Technology Canada and the Canadian Gas Association) project. The Corporation expects the system installation work to be complete in early October 2017, followed by commissioning.

“The arrival of the SulfaCHAR production equipment is a significant milestone for the company,” said CEO Andrew White in a company press release. “Once commissioned, we will be able to produce SulfaCHAR with higher margins and greater flexibility. Additionally, the arrival of the equipment triggers payment from the SD Natural Gas fund for our next milestone.”

About CHAR

The Corporation is in the business of producing a proprietary activated charcoal like material (“SulfaCHAR“), which can be used to removed hydrogen sulfide from various gas streams (focusing on methane-rich and odorous air). The SulfaCHAR, once used for the gas cleaning application, has further use as a sulfur-enriched biochar for agricultural purposes (saleable soil amendment product).