Green Ocean, a Dutch based company, recently announced it has developed a 100% environmentally friendly oil absorbent made of volcanic basalt rock.  The company claims that the technology shows unbelievably results in cleaning oil spills.

Green Ocean claims its products absorb oil three times faster and can adsorb three times more oil than any existing solution on the market.  In addition, the company states that its absorbents are fully recyclable, because oil can be easily wrung out of the absorbent, dramatically saving costs on disposal.  One gram of GO filler can absorb up to 72 grams of oil.  Absorbent boom of 20/3m can take 94 liters comparing to 44 liters of polypropylene boom of the same size.

In May 2017, the company opened sales office in the USA.  Green Ocean sees huge potential in US market, as North America holds the biggest part of World’s sales of oil cleanup technologies and always looks for more efficient solutions. Green Ocean already operates in Europe and Russia.

“It’s took us several years to develop ready for market solution. Green Ocean products proved themselves in real life cases.  Not only they show highest absorbents capacities, but they also do not sink, operate in temperature from -196°C up to 700°C and do not rot.  We see many possible applications of our unique filler.  Now our R&D team works on filtrating and insulating products. We believe mo

st of the spills can be prevented, not just stopped. ” Says CEO of Green Ocean, Shai Granovski.

Green Ocean headquarters is in Amsterdam, Netherlands, production plants are in Latvia and Russia.