There is a growing demand in the Hazmat industry for equipment that can rapidly identify chemical or biological agents involved hazmat incident.  Chemical detection equipment are generally used to identify the presence and intensity of chemical agents in soil, air as well as water and to alert respective authorities and personnel to the existence of toxic or hazardous substances, so necessary action can be taken to prevent catastrophes, as it can be dangerous whether it is in a weaponized or non-weaponized form.

Future Market Insights recently released a report, Chemical Detection Equipment Market NA: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2017-2027, that examines the chemical detection market with forecasts on the size of the market in coming years.  The report,

The report claims that chemical detection equipment which is small, effective, simple and relatively cheap is in trend.  Portable chemical detection equipment with infrared technology & Raman spectroscopy has already captured a major market share due to the above stated reasons.

The report states that North America is a major market for chemical detection equipment as continuous research and development is required in this field and the United States is a leader in the R&D of chemical detection technology.