Research and Markets recently released a report on The Global Hazardous Waste Handling Automation Market.  According to the report, the global hazardous waste handling automation market is expected to grow at a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.50% for the period 2014 -2019.  Hazardous waste management is the collection, disposal and treatment of harmful materials.  If improperly handled, it can cause substantial harm to human health and the environment. These include waste materials generated on a day today basis by people, power plants, and manufacturing companies.

The report breaks down the global hazardous waste handling automation market into Products, Type of Waste, End User, Geography, Vendor Analysis Forecasts and Trends from 2016 to 2021).

Some of hazardous wastes can be handled manually while some may require expertise and automation solutions to minimize human contact with the waste.  Use of such automation solutions for handling waste also improves the process efficiency and reduces the reliability on manual intervention. Thus, concerns about proper handling of these harmful substances can be eliminated.

Growing awareness has brought government’s attention towards legislations which can help in effective tackling of these wastes.  This also helps in controlling the expenditure towards healthcare treating after effects of these hazardous wastes on population. Growth in awareness and the changing environmental conditions are expected to drive the Global Hazardous Waste

Handling Automation Market

The report talks about the key factors that contribute to the growth in the Global Hazardous Waste Handling Automation Market, discussing the trends, technology overview providing the recent developments and the products available in the market.  To discuss this, the market has been segmented based on types into manipulator arms market, telescoping masts market, cranes market, trusses market, size reduction systems market.
The market is also classified based on the type of hazardous waste, that is, Listed Wastes, Characteristic Waste, Universal Wastes, and Mixed Wastes. It also provides region and country specific forecasts of the market, giving a detailed insight on the market’s performance. In addition it also talks about the competitive landscape, some of the key players discussed in the report are PAR Systems, Konecranes, DX Engineering, Floatograph ® Technologies, among others.