Several years ago, ONEIA introduced an annual award in honour of Errick “Skip” Willis, one of the Canada’s prominent leaders in environmental business, one of the pillars of ONEIA and a strong advocate for the engagement of the environment business sector and the government. In honour of his vision, integrity and leadership, the award is given annually by ONEIA to a deserving individual who, following Skip’s outstanding example, helps creating a better Ontario through a green economy.

A description of the award and a nominations form are available on the ONEIA website.

The award will be handed out during the ONEIA 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

If you would like to nominate a worthy individual, please send completed form to Marjan Lahuis, [email protected] or by hard copy to:

Ontario Environment Industry Association

215 Spadina Avenue, Suite 410

Toronto ON

M5T 2C7

Attention: Marjan Lahuis