Thermo Fisher Scientific recently announced a software update to its Thermo Scientific Gemini handheld analyzer.  The new functionality integrates HazMasterG3, a support system designed to allow chemical response personnel to virtually mix chemical substances, interpret the results rapidly, and better protect themselves and the public from the effects of potentially dangerous chemical combinations.  The Gemini analyzer leverages the strengths of two techniques – FTIR and Raman spectroscopy – in one device to address a broader range of samples than either technique alone.

Military personnel, bomb technicians, hazmat teams and first responders can now perform virtual mixture analysis in the field with a software update to the Thermo Scientific Gemini handheld analyzer.  The update is designed to enable informed and safe decision-making when analyzing chemical substances in the field.

The analyzer includes an extensive onboard library designed to allow users to identify unknown solids and liquids, including explosives, chemical warfare agents, industrial chemicals and precursors.  Operators can determine the most likely formulations that could be made with the identified ingredients, as well as estimated quantity and potential reactions.