Tersus Environmental, LLC (Tersus) and Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. (PEP) recently announced today they had entered into a patent licensing agreement granting Tersus with a non-exclusive sublicense to the Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc. (IET) patents related to in situ chemical reduction (ISCR).  Under the agreement, Tersus will develop and commercial products for ISCR including its new product, , MicroEVO™ ISCR.

MicroEVO™ ISCR, is composed of controlled-release water mixable oil (EDS-ER™) and zero valent iron (ZVI) particles used for the in situ treatment of groundwater and saturated soil.  The incorporation of ZVI enhances chlorinated contaminant remediation by enabling various chemical reduction pathways.

“We are pleased to have added Tersus to our growing list of sub-licensees,” said Michael Scalzi, CEO, Provectus; President, IET.  “Our position has been to share this technology across the environmental remediation industry, at a nominal cost, so that the most efficient and proven process for the degradation of chlorinated solvents in groundwater may be utilized by as many practitioners as possible.”

“We appreciate IET’s willingness to share this technology.  This license agreement with Provectus enables us to further expand our family of products for chlorinated solvent remediation,” said Tersus’ Managing Partner, Gary Birk.

Tersus Environmental develops and commercializes of technologies for the remediation of soil and groundwater.  Provectus Environmental Products develops and commercializes environmental biotechnologies.  Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc. is a remedial contractor.