In a recent breakthrough in spill response, the team at HalenHardy has discovered a fibre compound that enables the user to store between 400 and 1000% more spill response materials in the same space as traditional spill products.  This process, called ‘SmooshTM Packaging’, has been shown to be superior to traditional products in regards to speed, compactness, and containment ability.

The material is called Spilltration®, absorbs oil/fuel while filtering clean water.  The company claims its spill response material is significantly less bulky than traditional materials.  The material that comprises its spill response material, when packaged, takes up less than 75% of volume of competing materials.  The sorbent also had to rebound to its original size once unpacked.

As an example, the company states that its patent-pending SpillBoaTM sorbent barrier is a 5 in. by 25 ft “flat boom” that coils up into a compact 16 in. diameter roll which weighs just 4 lbs.  Its flat profile allows more surface contact, which helps each coil barrier to absorb oils/fuels 300 to 500% faster than traditional ‘overstuffed’ booms and socks.