As reported in the Edmonton Sun, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) recently fined Murphy Oil Company, based in Calgary, with environmental fine as a result of an incident in which oil spilled from an oil pipeline in 2015 near the Peace River.

AER issued a $172,500 administrative penalty to Murphy Oil Company after in concluded that an undetected spill about 490 km northwest of Edmonton released 1,429 cubic metres, or 1,429,000 litres, of condensate into the environment from approximately January 15 to March 1, 2015.

An AER investigation found that Murphy Oil failed to take reasonable action to ensure the leak detection system on the pipeline was capable of detecting early leaks, failed to evaluate operating or discontinued pipelines, failed to report the release of condensate, and failed to clean the spill, which caused damage to public lands, including soil, and a water body.

The company has been found in breach of a number of provincial legislation’s, including the Public Lands Act and the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

The pipeline has since been repaired as Murphy Oil continues to clean the impacted area.